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Black Opals, Boulders, Cat's Eye, Fire Opal, Opal Doublet in all possible shapes & colors. Items in stock and ready for delivery. Independent certification is available on request Aktuelle Preise für Produkte vergleichen! Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei How to check your balance and activity statement. An Opal card reader shows your card balance when you tap on or off. You can also check your balance at a top up machine or an Opal retailer, if you're a registered user, you can also log in to your account or if unregistered, use your Opal card number How to check Select the 'Check online' button. Log in to your Opal account, or enter your card number and security code. Your balance should now be displayed on the overview screen

Your Opal balance. See your Opal balance and/or activity, apply for a refund, fare adjustment or request a balance transfer to a new card. Check your balance and activity. Icon meaning right. Transfer your balance to another card. Icon meaning right. Refunds and fare adjustments Balance transfers and adjustments must be collected by tapping on at an Opal card reader within 60 days. Opal cards have a balance limit: Adult and Senior/Pensioner - $25

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  1. Benefits of registering your Opal card. A registered Opal card has your personal information linked to the card. This means you can: Protect your balance - You can block your card if it becomes lost or stolen, so no one else can use your funds. Transfer the balance to another Opal card - If your Opal card becomes lost, damaged or stolen, you can transfer the balance to another Opal card
  2. An Opal card can have a maximum negative balance of $20. Until November 2018, the total cumulative amount lost since the Opal card was introduced summed up to about $8 million
  3. If your Opal card is registered, log into your Opal account if you would like to: Unlink an Opal card from your account. Update your security details such as your password, Opal PIN, security question and answer. View a history of your Opal card orders. For everything else you can now visit Opal at transportnsw.info
  4. imum amount you can add to an adult Opal card at a top up machine is $20.00 and $10.00 for child/youth
  5. The Opal reader will show you the balance on your Opal card when you tap on. When you tap off, it will show you the fare amount deducted from the card and remaining balance. Successful tap with low balance. Flashing amber lights and 3 dings means the tap was successful but the card balance is getting low. This can happen when tapping on or off the service. You will need to top up the balance as soon as possible to keep using that card
  6. als at the train station, so I'm not sure what qualifies as suspect). If you transfer the balance from a card that has been blocked for this reason they will automatically block the new card, although this may take a day or two. The reason they.
  7. NSW Government - Opal. Opal Home. About Opal. Get an Opal card. Opal fares. Opal news. Customer care. FAQs. Frequently Asked Questions

OPAL - Die Lernplattform für sächsische Universitäten, Hochschulen und Berufsakademien Has this got something to do with the fact I was about to reach the daily cap/obtain the weekly journey reward NSW Government - Opal. Opal Home. About Opal. Get an Opal card. Opal fares. Opal news. Customer care. FAQs. Opal fares Apply for a concession Opal card as a tertiary or TAFE student. Apply for a concession Opal card as an apprentice or trainee. Apply for a job seeker (and other approved Centrelink customers) concession Opal card. Apply for a gold Opal card as a NSW war widow or widower. Apply for a Gold Opal card as a DVA Gold Card holder

Opal activity statement Your Opal activity statement is a record of the trips and top ups you've made on your Opal card. Depending if you have a registered or unregistered Opal card, there are different ways to view your Opal activity For example, if your current balance is $14 on the card, and you tapped on at Central, it'd drop your balance by $8.40, bringing it to $5.60 and triggering an auto top up with the balance being under $10 If you'd like to top up your Opal card balance, you can do this online. You can select a one-off top up amount, or set up auto top up. Auto top up will automatically recharge your Opal card when the balance reaches a minimum amount balance of the Opal card (less any applicable charges or fees). The full refundable balance will be determined at the time we receive your refund request. (h) Cancellation of Opal card: The Opal card for which a refund is sought will be cancelled. (i) Fees: Where any information you provide on the Opal Refund Form is incorrect and we incur Due to the way Opal implements minimum required balances for travel, it's possible for your Opal card to fall into having a negative balance. To travel with Opal, all that's required is the minimum balance at time of tap on. The minimum value to tap on with Opal depends on the time of tap on and the mode of transport. For trains, the.

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Open source app for Opal Card. We work hard to protect your information. You account information has been encrypted and stored only in your device. And the the transmissions between www.opal.com.au and app is secured via https. Main features: ★ Track current Opal card balance ★ Activity history with offline support ★ Widget ★ Multiple Opal cards support ★ Open Source (https://github.com/timgreen/opaler) Opaler is under active development. Any feedback is welcome. If you want to try. They have the right to ask to see your ticket and concession entitlement at any time. They can carry Opal card readers to check your balance, recent transaction history and the card type (e.g. Adult, Senior/Pensioner, Concession or Child/Youth). Depending on the circumstances, they have the authority to issue an official caution. While this does not require the payment of a penalty notice, your details will be recorded and a penalty notice may be issued if you are found to be committing a.

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Opal card scanning functionality to check tap on status, account balance and Weekly Travel Reward progress (compatible NFC-enabled Android devices only) Opal retailer locations Compatibility with registered and unregistered Opal cards Please note: Opal card scanning may not work on all mobile devices Hey Siri, what's my Opal balance? Now you can check your balance the easy way. Just download the Opal Travel app, register your card, and enable Siri. Find..

To travel with Opal, all that's required is the minimum balance at time of tap on. The minimum value to tap on with Opal depends on the time of tap on and the mode of transport. For trains, the minimum balance is $2.36 during off-peak and $3.38 during peak hours. For ferries it is $5.74 and for buses or light rail, $2.10 Use My Opal to track your balance across multiple Opal cards and see your recent journey history across Sydney trains, ferries, buses and light rail. Features include: · Journey history. · See how much you paid for each leg of your journey. · Display balances for multiple Opal cards registered under your

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How can I check the balance on my Opal card? The quickest way to check your Opal balance is on the official Opal App. The app is available for iPhone or Android users. What time is off-peak for Opal? When calculating your fare the time of day that you travel is taken into account. Peak times within the Sydney metro area are. 6.30am-10am ; 3pm-7p You can top up your card, or check your balance, with the Opal Travel App, probably what most people use. If you get an Opal Card, chances are you will also download the app. Or if you're on your desktop at work or home you can check your balance and top up that way. Now if you're old school, you can call 13 67 25 (13 OPAL) to get your balance Opal Card Prices: Topping Up Your Balance. There are a variety of ways to top up your Opal Card balance; Online - www.opal.com.au; Phone - 13 67 25 (13 OPAL) Vouchers purchased through retailers; However, the EASIEST option is using the Opal top up machines located in the train stations. Opal Top Up: Daily Ca

The reader displays the : - Remote top up or auto load value activated by presentation of Opal card. - fare paid for the journey. - remaining Opal card balance. Balance too low. Tap on is not successful as Opal card balance is below the minimum required to tap on This is what the card reader looks like at a 'Opal top up point', a shop/store or a designated place (in the future probably at convenience stores, post offi.. When the retailer puts $50 on your card, that top up is applied to the card only. It is not sent out through the network. The Opal network doesn't know that you have put that $50 on the card until you first use it at an Opal reader, when it reads the data on the card and sees your top up. level 2. xtjmh Savvy airport train travellers buy an Opal card - which requires no up-front deposit - and choose not to register it, and then use the card as normal until the balance is no less than $3.38. At that point they can use the card to travel to Sydney Airport domestic or international stations, exit those stations with their card in negative balance and then simply throw their Opal card away gordonderp. brokboi 2 years ago. Yeah give them a call, it took me about 15 minutes to transfer over funds from old concession cards to my new cards. 2. level 1. Crispy95. South West 2 years ago. https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-transfer-balance-your-opal-card. 4

Opal card loophole. Travellers have found a loophole in the system; Opal cards can briefly hold a negative balance under the assumption that the negative amount will be clawed back when the user is forced to top up the next time they travel But if you've ever lost an Opal Card or you need to transition to a full-fare adult card, you don't need to forfeit your remaining balance. Here's how you can transfer your money to another.

The Herald's Opal card screen shows a negative balance. The card was topped up, not discarded, following the experiment. Users could abuse the system to the tune of $15.24 on a train journey from Parramatta to Domestic Airport during peak. The trip costs $18.62, but a minimum of only $3.38 is required to tap on Use the app to add value to your Opal card remotely, enable and edit auto top ups, view your travel history and access other useful public transport information, all on your iPhone. • Report card lost or stolen and transfer the balance to another eligible Opal card linked to your account

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As long as a passenger has the minimum balance on an unregistered Opal card to tap on, they can complete the journey and tap off with a negative balance. Those who have existing Opal cards can. Your Gold Opal gives you: Unlimited travel for $2.50 a day - get around as much as you want on metro, trains, buses, ferries and light rail in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter and the Illawarra. (Excludes Sydney Airport Station Access Fee). Find out more about Opal or plan a trip using Trip Planner Sadly, there wasn't any way out of this short of blocking the old card as a defective card (i.e. what they do when it's reported lost/stolen) and reissuing a new card by post which requires activation, with the consolidated balance on the new card. As a result, I will be out of an Opal card for a few days, even with their promise to dispatch it by express. After finalizing the call, the e. Let's View The World TVwww.lvtw.tvSydney was the first city in Australia I decided to make videos in, I stayed there for over a month and tried to experience..

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In New South Wales, the Opal card reader looks like this: After you tap the reader with your card, you can check the display on the screen of the Opal card reader and confirm that your tap on was successful. You'll also see a green light and hear a ding to indicate the tap has been successful. At the end of your journey, you will need to tap off to avoid paying a default fare. The fare. Opal Card app supports multi user and multiple card balance tracking. By using Opal Card app you can find nearest store location to top up your card. Main Feature: Track multiple accounts and multiple card balance Displays most recent journey transactions Find store locations close to you; get direction to store, to top-up your card Today extension provides information for default card.

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I along with a couple of my friends visited Sydney this past weekend. (The whole visit was bloody amazing. Sydney, Ya Beauty!!!). We had got Opal cards for our travel but we ended up with a lot of extra money in them (a combined amount amounting to $60) Enter your Opal card security code. Follow the prompts to activate your card. More information. Your card will take approximately 60 minutes to activate from the time of completing the activation process. You'll need to have credit on your card before you can use it on public transport. Links . All about Opal cards. Related transactions. Top up your Opal card online; Link an existing Opal card. That was, until the weekend when I tapped on and was told Insufficient balance, $1.33; that's odd, I've had an auto top up running flawlessly since I received my Opal Card. I sheepishly bought a paper ticket, hoping that the people I snub didn't notice me in the ticket queue I currently have a blocked Opal card that I want to transfer the balance from over to my linked bank account. I thought you could do this online, or even over the phone, but from calling Transport NSW you have to: Link the card to your online opal account. Block the card through your opal account . Complete the Opal card refund form here on page 10. Mail the completed form with your now.

When you use your card at Woolworths, which includes when you top up your Opal card balance, you can earn 2 points for each dollar you spend. Points never expire and there's no cap and you'll. Opal Sense allows you to view details about your Opal card in a quick and intuitive fashion. The app is lightweight and completely ad free. Features include: * Keep track of your Opal card balance * Find out how much you spend each day and each week * See how many journeys you have made each week * Browse through your Opal trip histories for Light Rail, Bus, Train and Ferry in Sydney * Scan. Yes, you can use your Westpac Mastercard in your Apple Pay wallet to tap on and off at Opal readers across the Opal Network in NSW. Importantly, you must tap on and off using the same Westpac eligible card and the same eligible Apple device, to ensure the correct fare is charged. You cannot use your Handycard in your Apple Pay wallet to tap on or. A commuter who has linked his or her Opal card with the 'auto top up' option activated has the card automatically recharged once the balance falls to $10 - meaning that $10 in value can never be spent by the Opal card's owner. With more than two million Opal cards in use, and at least 50 per cent of these set to 'auto top up', the Baird Liberal Government has been secretly.

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Check your Opal card balance and the operator's fare before you travel to make sure you have sufficient funds on your Opal card to cover the trip. Will tapping on with OpalPay contribute to my Opal travel benefits? No. Unlike trips made with Opal cards on other public transport services, OpalPay trips do not contribute to Opal travel benefits or discounts (Opal travel benefits and discounts. The number of Opal cards with negative balances spiked from 776,000 in 2017 to 1.1 million in 2018, with $3.8 million in lost revenue in 2018. Since 2014, losses caused by this issue amount to $8 million. An Opal card can hold maximum $20 negative balance. Beau Giles https://bit.ly/2ya538m Contactless payment

You can check you balance and top up your MyWay card balance at a Ticket Vending Machine, located at major bus stations and Light Rail platforms. Check Your MyWay Balance. In order to check your balance online your MyWay card must be registered, view how to register your MyWay card. Please enter your MyWay Card Serial Number, without spaces (ie:000011106) Please enter your Date of Birth . Day. We will send you instructions to reset your password. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam or bulk email folder. '

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Opal discounts. Once you complete eight journeys between Monday and Sunday, your fares for the rest of the week are half price. You get $2 off ($1 for concession cards) when you transfer to a. An Opal card reader shows your card balance when you tap on or off. You can also Log in to your Opal account, or enter your card number and security code. You can also Log in to your Opal account, or enter your card number and security code I've been in Sydney this weekend and using the Opal system and app is mind blowing compared to myki. I can use NFC and get my card balance straight away. I'm not looking forward to using myki when I get back. I wish our system could take some inspiration from the Opal system The upgrades will save Transport for NSW a lot of cash, given recent figures from the state's Audit Office revealed a whopping $7.8 million revenue has been lost from negative balance Opal cards. As much as $3.8 million of that was during the 2017-18 financial year alone. Most of the passengers turfing Opal cards with negative balances are doing so at the airport stations

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An Opal card reader shows your card balance when you tap on or off. You can also Log in to your Opal account, or enter your card number and security code. Check it. Buy Crystal Opal Online | Opal Auctions. Discover Opal Auctions collection of verified Crystal Opal through our online market place. Buy loose Crystal Opal in a variety of colors and sizes now or place a Check it. Nv Doe. As part of the trial, users must create a new digital Opal Card, separate from any existing physical cards they may have; this means a new balance and any tap on/tap off activity from physical.


Opal Travel is the official app for managing your travel across the Opal network in Sydney and greater New South Wales. Use the app to add value to your Opal card remotely, enable and edit auto top ups, view your travel history and access other useful public transport information, all on your iPhone Once users have scanned their Opal card through the app, they will get access to their balance, weekly travel rewards, details of their last tap, the card number (which can be found on the card. Opal Balance by Peter Van Hoesen, released 11 February 2019 1. Gadarene 2. Kres 3. Opal Balance 4. Trench Opal Balance is the inaugural EP on Peter Van Hoesen's new Center 91 imprint, which will host a series of releases in 2019. Via this newly launched platform, Peter Van Hoesen looks back towards his own experiences of the late 90s Belgian underground, extrapolating references from the.

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